Looking for a large venue? Yorkshire Event Centre is a popular choice for hosting many different types of events.

Regardless of the event you are planning, the principle aim is to fill a room at your venue to its capacity. This generally creates a better atmosphere, and you will be struggling to replicate that with a 50% filled event venue. However, there are many imaginative ways you can fill large event venues, and if you have a lot of space here are ten ways you can use it practically and successfully without necessary filling it with just people.

1. Awards dinners
Corporate awards dinners are an easy way to fill a large party venue as you need a stage, maybe some space for entertainment and also as many tables as you can accommodate. You can invite as many people as the venue can cater for as everyone likes to think they are in with a chance of winning an award.

2. Product launches
Naturally this depends on the type of product being launched, but usually such an event requires space for product demonstrations, maybe a stage, a video screen and space for stalls and product storage.

3. Themed parties
Some lavish parties extend to having a theme, such as a cocktail event with roulette tables, or a party with a Bucking Bronco. If your party has a theme there are various props, games and activities you can install which also take up a lot of space and can make good use of your large venue.

4. Careers workshops
Schools and colleges love to arrange visits to careers fairs and a large event venue is great for setting up stalls and workshops demonstrating different trades, skills and professions; from the army and navy, to nursing, IT, engineering and the financial sector.

5. Motor exhibitions
This could be cars and motorcycles or caravans and other mobile homes, but certainly the exhibits require a lot of space and you need sufficient room for people to wander freely between each vehicle.

6. Ideal homes exhibitions
Here you are utilising space to exhibit different areas of the home and allowing organisations to set up reproduction rooms which demonstrate bedroom, bathroom and toilet suites, dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms.

7. Clothes show
Fashion shows require space for guests, video screens, walkways, dressing rooms and stalls from different designers, make-up artists and hair and beauty salons.

8. Lavish weddings
Of course the dream wedding for many people is a huge affair with no expense spared, or a themed wedding with props and decoration. An Asian wedding venue also typically has to cater for a large

guest list with extensive catering requirements. Such events require a large capacity venue that can adequately cater for your guests.

9. Food and drink shows
Another very popular event for large capacity venues is a food and drink show, where space is required for food preparation, demo areas and various stalls. Health & Safety requirements dictate that certain food prep areas need to be kept isolated which also impacts upon the space and facilities required from your venue.

10. Wedding fayre
Everyone loves a wedding, and everyone loves a nosey at what is available even if they haven’t quite got the budget for it, so wedding fayres are extremely popular. Stalls for hair, make-up, dresses, suits, decorations and flowers are required as well as demo areas and maybe even a stage.

The Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate is one of the most versatile large event spaces in Yorkshire and can accommodate all of the above and more, so contact us today and we will help make sure your event goes perfectly.