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Go Green Behind The Scenes

We love colour and probably have the most colourful venue in the UK but our absolute favourite colour is green.  In order to go green you must first be able to think green. Here at the Yorkshire Event Centre we strongly believe in environmentally friendly events and doing our bit to help the planet. Sustainability has always been important to us and was an integral part of the design process when we built Hall 1.

The events and festival industry have a reputation for being highly disposable but our ethos is to minimise and reuse any waste produced.  Zero waste events simply mean using resources more efficiently, therefore creating a more environmentally friendly events, exhibitions or conferences.  This not only helps to reduce costs which we can then pass onto our clients but also reduces environmental impacts.

It’s very on trend at the moment to be seen as environmentally friendly but sometimes it’s all the small things that add up.  Much of our energy saving ethos goes on behind the scenes and happens after the shows have closed their doors. YEC Environmentally Friendly Events Facts

Solar Panels – we installed solar panels to cover 50% of the roof of Hall 1, this means we can reduce our onsite grid energy usage and provide significant environmental benefits.

Heating System – our sophisticated temperature management system controls the heating and cooling system throughout the event centre. Isolated heating options and individual controls means we can efficiently tailor heating needs to specific areas without effecting the whole hall.

Waste Management – all our site and post event waste is managed on a zero % landfill program.  All event and exhibition carpet is recycled through our suppliers in house recycling plant, they process the carpet ready for manufacturing back into the plastics industry, thus saving valuable crude oil and energy. To date this socially responsible strategy has earned them three prestigious environmental awards.

Pump House – all water used at the YEC is sourced from an onsite spring, processed and run through our own pump house.  During the Great Yorkshire Show alone 1 million Litres of water is processed.

Insulation – the whole building is fully insulated.  Not only does this make our heating more efficient but ensures that we don’t adversely affect our neighbours with any noise pollution.

Toilets – our toilet doors and vanity units are made from recycled plastic bottles.  They not only look great but are also award winning!

Location – YEC is situated in 250 stunning acres.  We use this outdoor space for a range of outdoor activities, not only for events but to educate local schools and groups on the importance of the environment, creating sustainable landscape and supporting natural wildlife.

Running a sustainable event and meeting your CSR target is easier when your venue is already eco-conscious.  Creating a more environmentally friendly event needn’t be a logistical nightmare or stretch your budget.  Keep it local and sourcing local suppliers, products and materials means a reduction in carbon emissions from less transportation. However it also helps support other local businesses, and in turn contribute to developing communities and boost local economies.

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