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Environmentally Friendly

Go Green Behind The Scenes

We love colour and probably have the most colourful venue in the UK but our absolute favourite colour is green.  In order to go green you must first be able to think green. Here at the Yorkshire Event Centre we strongly believe in being environmentally...

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Enjoying Life on the Open Road

Caravanning and motorhomes add over £6 billion to the UK economy and provide employment for around 130,000 people. More than 51 million nights are now spent in caravans each year. Wow. Those are staggering stats and it makes taking to the road even more pleasurable! With...

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New Antiques Fair Set To Debut In Harrogate

We are delighted to welcome Continuity Fairs to the Yorkshire Event Centre for 2018.  YEC will be hosting the new Yorkshire antiques fair in Harrogate. There are 3 fantastic antique fairs planned for 2018. The 3 fairs will attract visitors across Harrogate and Yorkshire.  The first Great...

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February Has Been Event-Full

It feels like the year has only just started yet we are already turning the calendar over to March. The evenings are getting lighter, Harrogate is starting to blossom and Spring is round the corner...

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My First 6 months as Deputy Venue Manager at YEC

By Mike Large It’s now been 6 months since I started as Deputy Venue Manager at the Yorkshire Event Centre and I’m loving every minute. We have a great team of talented people working on sales (finding and contracting the events) and operations (making the events...

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Stripped Tractor

Pimp my Tractor

Have you seen the YEC’s stripy tractor? It’s the talk of the town you know…. It started its life as a normal red tractor doing really mucky but useful work, cutting grass and hauling trailers. Until one day lots of new machines arrived it became...

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