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Stripped Tractor

Pimp my Tractor

Have you seen the YEC’s stripy tractor? It’s the talk of the town you know…. It started its life as a normal red tractor doing really mucky but useful work, cutting grass and hauling trailers. Until one day lots of new machines arrived it became...

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pud for event

A Pud to Reflect an Event

If you frequent social media sites (which I must admit to), you will have seen plenty of photos of other people’s food. It could be an exquisite, Michelin-starred celebration meal or a quirky cake; maybe it’s served in edible bowls or comes with a pair...

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Loving Ice Cream on Valentine’s Day

As I look out of the window, I see a beautiful covering of frost across our acres of lawns that surround the Yorkshire Event Centre. I think of warmer days to come and basking in the summer sunshine while enjoying a cool refreshing ice cream....

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Celebrating Yorkshire Day on August 1st

We'll soon be celebrating Yorkshire Day, an eventful date in the calendar. Organised by our parent charity the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, the Great Yorkshire Show is a big event on our calendar and something we are very proud to be associated with. Following very quickly on...

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10 Events You Can Stage In A Large Capacity Venue

Looking for a large venue? Yorkshire Event Centre is a popular choice for hosting many different types of events. Regardless of the event you are planning, the principle aim is to fill a room at your venue to its capacity. This generally creates a better atmosphere,...

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Using Space Effectively When Hosting An Exhibition

Top tips for maximizing your event space when hosting an exhibition. The Yorkshire Event Centre is one of the most versatile exhibition centres in Harrogate and has event spaces and exhibition halls of varying sizes to suit many different requirements. However, we understand that budgetary restraints...

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