Natural Light at Yorkshire Event Centre

Natural light is not only good for you, it’s also good for your event.  There are many benefits of choosing event venues with natural light.

Light is a much more than a source of energy. For thousands of years, civilisation has revolved around daylight. It can even influence our wellbeing and mood.

Natural daylight can have a huge impact on a building and its visitors.  Of course utilising natural light instead of relying solely on artificial light helps reduce energy consumption.  But did you know how important natural light is for productivity, concentration and overall health?

How many events have you exhibited at or attended where you have no idea if it is still light outside or even what the weather is like?  Lets face it, we are obsessed with the weather in the UK!

Natural light in the workplace is accepted as an important design feature because of its benefits.  It can help us to focus, enables us to get more done, and even makes us happier. Yet it can easily be overlooked for meeting rooms, conferences and exhibitions.  Selecting event venues with natural light helps create a more pleasant place to be for the visitor.  Event venues that offer a light, bright environment are often now at the top of an organisers list.

Hall 1 was re designed by Leeds based P+HS Architects, their aim was to create a highly flexible and sustainable building that was good to visit and work in.  As part of the re fit they installed 953 LED lights and 465 glass panels throughout the YEC.  This provides plenty of options to create perfect lighting for all types of events.  For events that require black out – electric blinds are in place that can be lowered and lifted at a touch of a button – making YEC a truly versatile venue.

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