Whether you are looking for a conference centre, exhibition venue or a wedding venue. Large event venues in the UK are designed to accommodate an increased number of delegates, and often offer extensive grounds for hire.

There are various ways you can make use of a large event space, but if you have a lot of floor space to fill, it can sometimes look awkward if the wrong sized room has been chosen and there is a great expanse of un-used space. This can create an ‘empty’ or unpopular atmosphere and the feeling that something is missing, and while you can be creative with partitions, or fill space with banners, ad stands and fake palm trees (!) there is sometimes only so far you can go. On the flip side, a large floor space is a blank canvass upon which you can explore ideas and you have much more scope to be ambitious and creative. Yorkshire provides an ideal central UK location for a large scale event.

Choosing the right size venue for your event is a key consideration, but some events do lend themselves perfectly to larger venues, so how do you make the most of a large floor space? Here are five event ideas you can consider.

Fill it with people!

Okay, sounds obvious and you still need a theme, but essentially, a large floor space allows you to be more extravagant with your guest list. This could be a lavish wedding of course or a huge corporate banquet involving all the important people from one industry, or you could use the space for an awards evening. All the best awards events require room for tables, a stage and space for people to walk up for awards, so bigger event spaces are definitely better.  As glittering balls become more popular and often are an essential fund raising activity for charities, you could try and enter the Guinness Book of World Records and organise the biggest or most successful ball ever.

Team-building events

There are various team-building events you can consider, and these are great for boosting morale, learning about people’s key skills or breaking down barriers at work. Many of the better team-building exercises are physical exercises or where teamwork leads towards constructing something. For this you need plenty of space so that teams can divide into groups, and you don’t want their creativity or ideas to be restricted by a lack of space. Having a large floor space allows the groups to fully express themselves.

Product Launches

Product launches require both people and space in which to demonstrate and properly showcase your product. This might require a track or a mock-up room or involve additional apparatus or equipment, but essentially, a large floor space allows you to show the product in as close to its natural environment as is possible. And it also allows you to accommodate a sizeable audience to see the product, with separate areas for talks and exhibits.


These days, exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes. Motor shows, caravans, boats, motorhomes, camping and ideal homes all need vast space given the size of the exhibits and the space you need to leave around them for people to get a good look. Wedding exhibitions, trade shows and of course consumer shows, require plenty of space due to the sheer number of exhibitors (who often have very large exhibits) and for the number of attendees that popular events attract.  Having enough circulation space to make visiting a pleasant experience and a safe one too, is key so the larger the event space for exhibitions of any kind, the better.

Cabaret and Theatre Style Conferences

We are approaching the very ambitious end of the scale here, but certainly the bigger event spaces can cater for a stage being erected either at one end or in the middle, with banks of seating created for an audience. The more lavish the production, the more space will be needed. Large event venues in the UK provide a range of options like there are at the Yorkshire Event Centre.

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