As I look out of the window, I see a beautiful covering of frost across our acres of lawns that surround the Yorkshire Event Centre. I think of warmer days to come and basking in the summer sunshine while enjoying a cool refreshing ice cream. I stir from my day dream, as reality hits and I realise we only have a few weeks ahead before the Ice Cream Expo 2017. There has been lots of planning and preparation but there is still more to do as this popular, trade show uses the full range of our electrical, water and waste infrastructure to cope with the installation of industrial ice cream machines, freezers (obviously!), sinks, seminar theatres, live twitter feeds – all served with a wafer and a flake!

The upcoming show will be the first time it has been hosted in the new Hall 1. As we move towards the show I’m in regular contact with the show organiser Zelica Carr, Chief Executive of the Ice Cream Alliance, who recently said “We are all excited about using the brand new hall 1 with its state- of- the- art facilities and contemporary feel, along with its flexible layout.”

The show is expected to attract over 2,000 visitors from the ice cream industry and Zelica is forecasting another successful event. She said, “The UK has a reputation for innovation and quality which is attracting a growing interest in the expo from international buyers and decision makers. Combine this with buyers from an already strong and confident UK market and the scene is set for another bumper event. Last year’s expo generated millions of pounds worth of business with some exhibitors reporting the best sales in 30 years.”

We are scheduling plumbers, electricians, forklifting, cleaning, AV and parking services ready for the event on 14-16 February. It seems appropriate that this event falls on Valentines Day, love and ice cream are the perfect combo.

Warm weather and cool refreshing ice cream is not too far away…but first we can enjoy this fascinating trade show. If I was going to re-train I think ice cream would be the industry I would chose to move in – surrounded by delicious ice cream; what’s not to love?

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