Stripped Tractor

Have you seen the YEC’s stripy tractor? It’s the talk of the town you know…. It started its life as a normal red tractor doing really mucky but useful work, cutting grass and hauling trailers. Until one day lots of new machines arrived it became a really sad tractor; sitting lonely and unloved because everyone chose the new machines with mod cons like cabs, heaters and even radios …

One day the decision was made to paint the tractor a rather fetching shade of purple to launch our Fodder farm shop and Café. It became a bit of a celebrity strutting round the Great Yorkshire Show in all its regalia. Although eventually the novelty wore off and it again found itself gathering dust in a shed….

The new Hall 1 was near completion, and we had to plan a huge party as we had waited such a long time for our new hall, and were very excited to show it off to the world.

And so began operation “Pimp my Purple Tractor” we wanted to breathe new life into this beautiful vintage piece and we wanted it to echo our new stripy logo too. We started with a very fetching chrome base coat to all the engine, wheels, and anywhere else we couldn’t fit 13 different coloured stripes. This was the fun part….the next phase wasn’t as exciting as it involved lots of delicate brush work and masking. It took hours; it was a true labour of love.

The date of the opening was announced the Hall was given its final finishing touches and the tractor was ready to meet its public…..

The stage was set the confetti cannons were primed and some clever chaps even managed to create a giant ribbon for the Reverend Nick Baines to cut and pronounce Hall 1 OPEN! And the new stripy tractor was in pride of place and used for lots of twitter pics. When you visit Yorkshire Event Centre be sure to look out for it – all we need now is a name to make it feel truly loved.


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