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Top tips for making the most of Exhibitions. The time has come to promote your business at an exhibition, here are some top tips for getting organised.

When choosing event space and planning an event, there’s a lot to take into consideration. So, how do you make sure your exhibition stand holds up to scrutiny? Here are our top tips for making the most of exhibitions:

1. The Look

Planning is everything. How creative does it need to be? Do you need sound, lighting or illumination? Or maybe just the minimalist look, with white walls and a logo? Once you’re set up, make sure whoever mans the space looks sharp. Remove your litter and tidy up regularly.

2. Be a Visitor

Visit an event beforehand to see what catches your eye as a visitor. Which are the best stands? Where are the different elements placed? Is everything perfectly positioned for maximum effect? Look at ways businesses have used small budgets in clever ways.

3. Say ‘Hi’

Make friends with your neighbours. If you’ve forgotten something – maybe a cable – they might be able to help you out. Or they might look after your stand while you pop for lunch. They might even be persuaded to send visitors to your area.

4. Stay Awake

Exhibitions can be long days. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep so that you stay focused and alert. Remember that you’re the face of your company. If you’re not manning the stand personally, choose carefully. Pick someone friendly and outgoing, but not someone who’ll jump in the face of everyone who wanders by.

5. Follow Up

Always follow up. Anyone who stops to talk is a potential future customer. Get their name, number and email address and follow up with an email or newsletter. A purpose-designed enquiry form can be helpful.

6. Go Bespoke

Good marketers know to appeal to every sense. Give your prospective customers things to watch, feel and even smell. Make your area bespoke with clever use of furniture, audio-visual and lighting.

7. Give a Good Brief

If you’re using an exhibition-marketing company, give them a good brief with lots of details about the venue and size of your area. Will you need exhibition walling? Display walls? Curved walls? Low walls for pathways?

8. Be an Early Bird

For a successful day, you’ll need to find a handy place to park, be able to set up without a panic and check out the venue for facilities. All this is so much easier if you get there early.

9. Stay refreshed 

Speak to event caterers about the options available in on site cafes and restaurants or whether you can have refreshments on your stand.

10. Tell the World

Once you’ve booked your space, tell the world. Put it on your website, blog about it, make use of the banners the venue will give you, and put it in your newsletters. Nobody ever did well in business by being quiet.

Here at the YEC we host a variety of public and trade exhibitions, see our What’s On listing for more details. If you are looking for a venue to host an exhibition, contact us or call us on 01423 544 544 to see what we can offer.

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