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In search for the perfect venue location for Trade Exhibitions? Yorkshire is quickly becoming a favoured choice for hosting exhibitions and conferences. Read on to find out why…

The established consensus is that London is the centre of the UK’s ‘big business’. As a result the general perception is that, as the capital city, the nation is drawn southwards in all walks of life, like a moth to the flame.

Meanwhile, the north has been quietly and steadily growing a solid reputation for its own influence on the UK’s infrastructure. The BBC moving many of its key operations to Manchester’s Media City was a huge baulk to the trend of presuming all things good in the UK originated in London. For many years, cities such as Sheffield, Leeds, York and Bradford have been forging a status as leading lights in the retail, financial, legal and tourism sectors.

Furthermore, Harrogate has long been established as the conferencing capital of the UK. So whilst northerners have always praised the virtues of life in Yorkshire over London – house prices, proper pubs, bona fide fish ‘n chips, national parks, fresh air and less travel congestion. Slowly but surely the rest of the nation is waking up to the fact that God’s Own County can be a magnet to attract leading commercial figures and organisations. Holding its own as a host for business conferencing and exhibitions.

Finding the perfect venue location for trade exhibitions can be key to its success. Arranging a conference or exhibition at a large capacity venue can be a daunting task; think of the movement of people, materials and equipment. Increasingly, it is apparent that Yorkshire has as much to offer organisations wishing to impress a nationwide network of employees, management or customers as anywhere else.

Transport links – rather than navigating the constant nightmare that is the M25, a simple journey on the M1 will soon bring you into Yorkshire’s green and pleasant land. With practical rail and airport links to a central UK location, your delegates should have no trouble getting to your exhibition venues in Yorkshire.

Scenery – Most corporate event venues in Yorkshire will be a short stride from a breath-taking landscape of hills, greenery and natural beauty. Many conference and exhibition organisers find that this opens the mind of their delegates, and provokes more creative thought-processes. As a result, the outcome of such conferences and events in Yorkshire are far more likely to be productive.

Charm – Some of the architecture in Yorkshire is steeped in history and elegance and holds all the magnetism that royal and civic buildings in London do. Such gems are certainly accessible in a place like Harrogate, where the Yorkshire Event Centre is located. You can be dining in the most quintessentially ‘English’ restaurants and staying in period Victorian hotels of unique splendour. Any business associate from north, south, east or west is likely to be impressed by that.

Tourism and entertainment – If your delegates are looking to unwind, Yorkshire’s major towns and cities have a wealth of theatres, museums, bars and restaurants.

So, now there is nothing stopping you looking towards Yorkshire for your conferencing and exhibition needs. If you would like to find out more on our exhibition spaces please contact us.

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